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Dental Chairs

Dental Chair with comfort in its most beautiful form

You will find all the functions that you need on your KaVo dental chair. Direct keys without double allocation guide you intuitively to your goal - no time-consuming familiarisation and no tiresome searching for functions during treatment. In conjunction with the clearly designed screen and the KaVo colour scheme, this will guarantee a smooth workflow and will allow you to have more effective treatment time.

This is my lifestyle and this is how I want to work

Your lifestyle bears your signature, continue this in your practice. With your own concepts, preferences and expectations. Focus on the areas that are important to you and feel the support of a high-quality dental chair which optimally supports your work procedures.

男生体验生孩子完整版男生体验生孩子完整版,年轻母亲6韩国中文字幕年轻母亲6韩国中文字幕The KaVo ESTETICA E50 Life. Simple to use. Simple to expand. Simply reliable.


Highlights at a glance

The patient chair

1. Modern chair design
2. Optimised comfort from the soft cushion shape, optional RELAXline soft upholstery
3. Higher max. patient weight up to 185 kg
4. Integrated Trendelenburg movement for patient comfort
5. Extended highest/lowest positions

Patient communication

6. KaVo DIAGNOcam (Product not shown in image) – light years ahead of caries
7. High-resolution screens: KaVo Screen HD, 19" and 22"

CONEXIO system software

8. You can control your patient communication from the dentist element.
9. Installation preparation for KaVo ERGOcam One and KaVo DIAGNOcam (Product not shown in image)
10. Plug & Play for new device connections
11. Automatic data backup
12. Easy control via dentist element (limited) and KaVo foot switch (for KaVo ERGOcam One and KaVo DIAGNOcam)

ESTETICA E50 Life Purple Red Dental Chair

Working intuitively, from the beginning

You will find all the functions that you need on your KaVo dental chair.

Direct keys without double allocation guide you intuitively to your goal. In conjunction with the clearly designed screen and the tried-and-tested KaVo colour scheme, you will quickly find your way.

This will guarantee a smooth workflow and will allow you to have more effective treatment time.


ESTETICA E50 Life Dental Chair

Always at your side

You are always able to position your dentist element where it is most convenient. You will have everything in easy reach and under control, whether sitting or standing, working alone or with a dental assistant. Table or swing-arm versions are available.

Whether you choose to have 5 or 6 instrument trays, have each one configured to meet your specific needs – or you can easily upgrade later from 5 to 6 trays.


Life is full of changes

Therefore, flexibility will be of ever increasing significance. If the focus of your treatments should shift over time, changes are easy to implement at any future date, such as retrofitting from five to six trays or Endo functions.

Equipment options

  TM S
Patient chair    
Patient chair Standard
Patient chair COMPACTchair
Soft upholstery
RELAXline soft upholstery
Double-jointed with push button
Comfort head cushion
Arm rest    
Dentist element    
Turbine hose
KL Motor 701
KL-Motor 703 LED
Triple function handpiece
Multi function handpiece
Integrated torque control (Endo)
PiezoLED ultrasonic scaler
SONICflex sonic scaler
MEMOdent multi-function display
Panorama X-ray image viewer2 (on light attachment bar)
Tray holder for US tray x x
Tray holder for 1 standard tray x x
Tray holder for 2 standard trays
Spray heating for instruments
Physiological saline solution
Anti-reflux valve for instruments
USB interface
Patient communication    
KaVo Screen One
KaVo Screen HD
KaVo ERGOcam One intraoral camera
Assistant element    
Spray mist suction
Saliva ejector
2nd Saliva ejector
Triple function handpiece
Multi function handpiece
Curing light Satelec MiniLED
Support for tray holder
Swivel and height-adjustable assistant element
Right/left swivelling and height-adjustable assistant element3
Suction tube guide
Selective support kit
Unit body    
Porcelain spittoon bowl x x
Glass spittoon bowl x x
Permanent germ reduction⁴
Intensive germ reduction
Warm water heater
Wireless foot control
Supply system    
Water block DVGW x x
Water block compact x x
Water bottle DVGW x x
Low-pressure regulator
Additional device connection
Disposal system    
External suction x x
DÜRR amalgam separator x x
DÜRR automatic separator x x
Solids collector kit x x
Light attachment bar
Adapter for light attachment bar
Patient service box
DEKASEPTOL Gel basic set


●  Standard equipment (versions may differ according to country)
❍ Optional equipment 
x  Must be selected

1  Only for COMPACTchair patient chair
2  Not in conjunction with multimedia
3  Not in conjunction with COMPACTchair patient chair
4  Only with DVGW water block and DVGW water bottle

Subject to change.  Special package options available upon request.

Select your style and design

Awaken your own personal style. Combine the upholstery and instrument colours to suit your individual preferences. Regardless of the current or future décor you envisage in your practice, the KaVo ESTETICA E50 is available in a complementary range of colours.


RELAXline soft upholstery

ESTETICA™ E50 Life Dental Chair RELAXline





You will see: the fascinating, elegant colour — Graphite, Cashmere or Agave — and the superb design. You will feel: the extremely comfortable memory foam, covered in a soft and smooth material. Your patients will say: “Rarely have I been so comfortable at the dentist, even during longer treatments."


Fascination in form and colour

View the KaVo ESTETICA E50 Life from a completely different perspective. The colour and form focus on style and class. Numerous opportunities for individualisation due to the great selection of paint and upholstery colours:


 Upholstery colour Black


 Upholstery colour Night Blue


 Upholstery colour Smoky Blue


 Upholstery colour Ocean Blue


 Upholstery colour Mint


 Upholstery colour Greenery


 Upholstery colour Emerald Green


 Upholstery colour Anthracite


 Upholstery colour Pearl Grey


 Upholstery colour Chocolate Brown


 Upholstery colour Purple Red


 Upholstery colour Berry


 Upholstery colour Ruby Red


 Upholstery colour Orange





 Paint colour night blue metallic


 Paint colour smoky blue metallic


 Paint colour blue silver metallic


 Paint colour silver metallic


 Paint colour berry metallic


 Paint purple red metallic


 Paint colour chocolate brown metallic


 Paint colour orange


 Paint colour apple green


 Paint colour ocean blue


 Paint colour dental white



Tailored to your comfort from head to foot

ESTETICA E50 Life Dental Chair

Optimum ergonomics of the swing-arm version owing to low 45-cm table height and balanced swing-arm clamp. Enjoy the freedom of space provided by a maximum instrument hose extension of 90 cm.


Every move is guaranteed

Enjoy the feeling of even more relaxed working with ideal gripping paths. The generous radius of movement of the arm design allows you to exploit the situation. The intelligent tray support may be
mounted on the right or the left side of the table. Your tray may be moved horizontally. Indulge in the optimal support for all treatments.


ESTETICA E50 Life Dental Chairs

One starter for everything

Are your hands occupied while treating your patients? Then simply control all functions and integrated equipment of your KaVo ESTETICA E50 Life with your foot. This also applies to your new system software CONEXIO. Additionally, it reduces the risk of cross contamination. A wireless foot control is available as an option, for even more flexible positioning.


ESTETICA E50 Life Dental Chair

High flexibility


Whether you work alone or with an assistant, the dentist element, the table or swingarm version and the tray support and assistant element can be optimally positioned due to the large range of movements.

ESTETICA™ E50 Life Dental Chairs

ESTETICA™ E50 Life Dental Chairs

ESTETICA™ E50 Life Dental Chairs

ESTETICA™ E50 Life Dental Chairs


Hygiene made simple

Your KaVo ESTETICA E50 Life is very easy to clean. Major components can be detached quickly for disinfection. All surfaces and contaminated parts are simple to clean.

Handles, instrument trays, spittoon bowls, swing-arm clamps and silicone mats may be easily removed and disinfected. Due to the hygienic handles, the suction filters can be easily and safely exchanged.


Protect lines from contaminated water

The water block with free water inlet fulfils the high benchmarks of the DVGW standard. Moreover, continuous germ reduction with KaVo OXYGENAL 6 ensures the permanent reduction of bacteria and germs. With the intensive germ reduction programme, you will protect your patients against micro-organisms that may form to an increased level of infestation, at times of extended stagnation, such as over weekends or holidays.


Minimise risks by using the RKI rinsing programme

Meet the requirements of the current RKI guidelines. Your KaVo ESTETICA E50 performs standardised and automatic rinsing of instruments at the start of the working day and after working on each patient.


The cleaning force of the water – HYDROclean

Start the automated HYDROclean programme for the cleaning of the amalgam separation, suction and drainage systems of your treatment unit with water. Reduce downtimes and maintenance costs.


The purest joy: DEKAmat™

With the DEKAmat, the DEKASEPTOL bottle is incorporated into the body of the unit for continued standardised and effective cleaning and disinfec-tion of the suction paths. The gel is dispensed automatically to save time and reduce contact with chemicals.



Save time with the mixed, ready-to-use KaVo DEKASEPTOL Gel. The gel wets the suction hoses and suction systems and adheres to the contaminated regions, instead of merely passing straight through



The KaVo Hygiene video

The hygienic preparation of the dental chair ESTETICA E50 Life is carried out in four steps:

In the morning
After treatment
In the evening

The section Cleaning if required contains different cleaning steps. It is possible to select the individual sections directly by navigating on the timeline.


CONEXIO connectswhat belongs together

Whatever you want to do, CONEXIO makes it possible. Experience greater efficiency in your everyday practice with CONEXIO. Use it to access all patient data via the dentist element of the treatment unit. Adding additional data? No problem. All collected data is assigned straight to the patient file. CONEXIO makes work processes simpler. Time-saving. User-friendly. Simple.


Helpful for your diagnosis - Informative for your patient

Take the opportunity to select images from various sources and to compare them. For transparent communication with your patients, you only need the dentist element of your KaVo treatment unit – without any keyboard, mouse, tablet or PC.


Perfect overview: the clinical monitoring status

Each image is assigned to one tooth of the patient in the examination. This means you can define a clinical monitoring status from “healthy” to “critical”. The comparison mode gives you the opportunity to conduct a chronological check, even during the diagnosis, using older images of the tooth or even images from different sources.


A treatment concept that makes perfect sense

Everything is available right there where you want and need it – namely directly on your dentist element. The user-friendly user interface on the touch display of the treatment unit makes this possible and ensures full access to the patient file. And if on occasion all hands are occupied, all central CONEXIO functions can be also be controlled and activated using the foot switch. Comfortable and hygienic.


ONE efficient workflow

Switch from treatment mode to the world of digital images and back with just one click on the dentist element. CONEXIO simplifies the workflow for the dentist, without the need for a mouse or keyboard.


Security, completely automatically

  • Automatic diagnostic history – all data are logged, summarised and stored
  • Automatic data backup – at desired times
  • Automatic reminder functions – pending maintenance work will be announced by the system
  • Automatic updates – automatic recognition of software updates
    and installation preparation



A picture says a thousand words

Now you can provide your patient with a better understanding of the treatment they require. Use the high-resolution exposure images from the DIAGNOcam and the HD flat screens for full disclosure.


KaVo ERGOcam One - small camera, great results

KaVo ERGOcam One - small camera, great results
Explain the actual dental situation to your patients with images with a high depth of sharpness and outstanding colour reproduction. The easy-to-operate KaVo ERGOcam One delivers perfect images at all times.


KaVo DIAGNOcam - Light years ahead of caries

KaVo DIAGNOcam - Light years ahead of caries

Intraoral sensors and 2D or 3D X-ray equipment often only show caries once they reach the dentine. KaVo DIAGNOcam is the perfect addition to traditional caries detection. It lets you detect approximal and occlusal caries much earlier and a lot more easily. Clear from distortions through plaque deposits or overlapping, view tooth structure and caries with impressive clarity — with no waiting or X-rays, and directly at the treatment station.



Simply sharp


Impress you patients with piercingly sharp images. The monitors provide high-resolution image quality, convincing contrast values and brilliant colour reproduction. The screens are easily operated via the dentist element. Improved hygiene characteristics are secured by protective glass panels, narrow gaps and single-handed adjustment.


KaVo Screen HD - the perfect choice in full HD

  • Full HD-true flat screen
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Screen diagonal: 22 inch
  • Two digital inputs for microscope and PC


KaVo Screen One - the high-quality version in HD
  • HD-true flat screen
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Screen diagonal: 19 inch
  • Two digital inputs for microscope and PC

ESTETICA™ E50 Life Purple Red Dental Chairs

A good feeling, thanks to KaVo quality

KaVo’s quality advantage guarantees exceptional reliability and service life. The careful and precise manufacturing of all KaVo treatment units in combination with extensive quality control and testing provides the highest degree of safety, translating into very little downtime and very few repairs.


Precise processing

The high-quality manufacturing allows the development of treatment units with unsurpassed quality.


Best materials

Only high-quality surfaces and materials are used and manufactured according to proven KaVo quality.


“Made in Germany” for more than 100 years

KaVo is one of the largest employers in the dental equipment industry in Germany and manufactures all its treatment units in Germany.


Maximum reliability

Proven technologies, the highest-quality materials and extensive safety tests ensure smooth application in the practice.


Rely on something that’s tried and tested

Each of our treatment systems incorporates many years of experi-ence with well-conceived solutions which have been proven thousands of times. Our motto is to have confi-dence in what has been proved and to steadily improve what is good about this treatment centre.





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